The history

The old farmhouse on the Ca’ Brasino estate stands among olive trees and vineyards in the Town of Fosdinovo, Province of Massa, in the most northern part of Tuscany close to the Gulf of Poets, the Cinque Terre and Tuscany’s cities of art.
The farmhouse is located at an altitude of 350 metres.
The farmhouse was built in the early nineteenth century and the property has passed down since then from father to son along with the tradition and passion for Tuscan land and its natural and genuine products - tradition and passion upheld by the current owners, family friends of the original owners.
The estate produces the Colli di Luni Vermentino white wine and Colli di Luni red wine, both Registered Designation of Origin, and high quality, low acidity, extra virgin olive oil.
The origins of the Vermentino vine, typical of this zone, go far back in time; the most likely hypothesis is that it came from the Middle East. The Greeks then brought it to Massaia (Marseilles) and the ancient Ligurians introduced it in Liguria, considered the real home of the Vermentino.
A slab of clay was discovered in the amphitheatre of Antica Luni (Roman city) depicting a leaf and bunch of Vermentino grapes, again confirming the ancient origins of this sun-drenched vine, child of the Mediterranean.

This ancient sun-drenched vine is grown at the Ca’ Brasino estate with great passion, producing a monovarietal Vermentino D.O.C. from the love for this marvellous land of Lunigiana, cradle of tradition and culture.

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